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Local Diving

While Coiba National Park is certainly the Gem of Panama, and much of Central America where diving is concerned, there are also some spectacular local dives to be had just 25 mins from Santa Catalina or Gobernadora Island.

What is noticeably different on these sites to dive sites visited on a day trip inside Coiba National Park, is the abundance of Soft corals and Sea fans in every colour of the rainbow.

Due to their location they are subject to different swells and currents to inside Coiba where many of the sites are on the leeward side of the island, preventing the movement of types of nutrients and food that these corals thrive on.

Visibility and marine life can variety depending on the swell and rainfall and if a site has been fished recently but many times, dives on the local sites have people exclaiming that there local dives were in fact more full of life then that in Coiba.

It is not uncommon to see huge schools of red and barred Snappers, Barracudas, Big eye jacks, Turtles and white tip reef sharks.

For 2 dives we charge $80 + $15 Equipment Rental

*lunch is not included on this trip as we are back by midday, however water, juice and cookies are provided in the surface interval.

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