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Beach Cleanups

Over the past ten years in and around Coiba national Park we have initiated and been involved in dozens of clean ups, both underwater and on land.

In 2018  we were able to greatly increase the scale and the amount of clean ups we could do by working in collaboration with Parley For The Oceans.

Parley For The Oceans is  a New York based NGO that operates in over 28 Countries and is committed to fighting plastic pollution on many levels.

To learn more about the incredible actions Parley For The Oceans is involved in around the world 

With their help we have been able to organize and execute more then 25 Island Beach Clean ups to date and have removed tons of single use plastic, discarded fishing gear and general marine debris from the oceans and beaches in our area.

We look for volunteers to help us with these clean ups and advertise them on our social media and on posters that we post in all the restaurants and hotels in the village of Santa Catalina, a busy tourist location often full of people wanting to help and do their part in saving our Oceans.

If you are wanting to take part in a clean ups then just send us a message to find out when the next one will be, or follow us on social media. Alternatively if you are a large group coming to the area and would like to be involved in a clean up, then let us know and we can schedule a clean up around the dates you are here.

All transport costs and food is paid for on the day all you have to bring is a positive attitude and sensible shoes.

As a further incentive for people to volunteer we offer $10 off any tour taken with us within one week of the clean up.

See you there

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