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Bull Shark Diving!

*Bull Shark Diving Is For Advanced Divers Only*

Bull Sharks are one of the 2 or 3 Species of shark that give the hundreds of others a bad name.

 As they are often very curious and only have their mouths to inspect what things are.

They can also be aggressively territorial at times and for this reason require respect and caution when in the water with them.

 The Bull Shark sadly is an Endangered Species, and like the Hammerhead Shark, its babies are often killed by unsustainable net fishing along the coastline, and around the mangrove forests and river mouths where the babies are born.

Some uneducated and testosterone fueled fisherman do target these beautiful creatures deliberately, but for the most part the sharks die as bycatch, the result of unsustainable fishing practices.


Both inside and outside Coiba National Park we have found dive sites where Bull Sharks roam, but for our Bull Shark dives we focus on one local site we have named “Bullseye”” as this seems to contain both juvenile Bull Sharks (4-6ft) and Adults (10-14ft).

However, we do NOT guarantee you will see any, as we are diving in an Ocean not an Aquarium.

If you do not see any Bulls on the dives, is still a great local dive with a lots of life.

Most likely in part to the healthy shark population.

The surface conditions at this site are rough though and can be challenging for any diver.

For this reason we do not take just anyone.

For 2 dives we charge $85 + $15 Equipment Rental

*lunch is not included on this trip as we are back by midday, however water, juice and cookies are provided in the surface interval.


To find out more about what you need to meet the requirements for this dive, click below:

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