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Hammerhead Diving!

From April until early July the adult Hammerhead shark can be found on certain dive sites (although NOT Guaranteed).

The reason the Hammerheads are in the area is because they travel to the supposed safety of coastal mangrove forests and estuaries to deliver their babies.

The hammerhead shark can release up to 15 live babies at a time.

Sadly due to unsustainable fishing practices, like the use of gill nets all along the coastline.

Very few pups make it back to the open ocean and this is a big contributing factor to the reason Hammerheads are listed as Endangered on the IUCN list.

In Panama these fishing practices are not only legal but encouraged, as the Government provides the nets.

It is not unusual to see trucks full of baby hammerheads leaving coastal villages and it is estimated that up to 500,000 Hammerheads are killed each year in Panama, perhaps more.

Much of the Mercury and BMMA filled shark meat ends up in Supermarkets where it is sold under a different name, or to local hotels and restaurants where it is turned into Ceviche and sold to tourists and locals alike.

It is our hope that aside from pressuring the government to protect these shark nurseries, we can show through tourism how valuable these sharks are to the economy alive, and that this in turn may help stop this incredible species from leaving our Oceans forever.


For the months the Hammerheads are with us, we offer a Day trip up to the far north of Coiba to have a chance to dive with these Dinosaurs of the deep as seen in the video above.

The Cost is a little more then a normal Coiba day trip due to the added Fuel Cost and the fact we like to take only small groups.

Less Bubbles, more Sharks!

The Cost for 3 dives, two in the North and one on the return journey home is,

$185 + $15 equipment rental +($20 Park Fee)

Click below to find out more and how you can book:

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