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Dive Courses

At TOP we offer PADI Dive courses on boats fully equipped with First Aid, Emergency Oxygen, Radios and GPS.
Dive Equipment and Snorkel gear is included.

Our Instructor has 18 years of experience and has logged thousands of dives in the surrounding area where he has taught and certified hundreds of students.

All our courses have a strong emphasis on Conservation with real attention being paid to good Buoyancy control to avoid any contact or damage to the reef or sea floor. We do NOT allow the touching of any marine life at any time. Whether it is a hermit crab on the beach or a Turtle underwater.
At TOP we observe but never disturb!

1 Day Trial Diving Course

This is a one-day course and involves some basic dive theory and safety briefings followed by one or two dives under the direct supervision of an instructor where you will conduct a few basic dive skills under the tuition of an instructor and go to a maximum depth of 12m/40ft.

This Course does not give you a dive certification but does give you an idea of what the diving world is like and a glimpse of the silent world below.

Option 1

Inside Coiba National Park Includes Lunch and equipment rental and one dive
$140 + (Coiba National Park Entrance Fee $20)
(additional dives $25)

Option 2

Outside Coiba National Park
 Includes Lunch and equipment rental and one dive
$110 (additional dives $25) (minimum 2 people)

1  Day Refresher Dive Course

This One day course is for Certified divers who have not dived in a long time and are in need of a refersher course to regain confidence and remember and practise key skills.  This course is much the same as the 1 day trial dive course but the certified diver is not restricted to 12m. The cost and options are the same as the trial dive course.

PADI Open Water Course
The PADI Open Water Course takes a minimum of three days and is the entry level certification course. After this course you will be certified to dive to a depth of 18m/60ft anywhere in the world.

During the course you will spend time in the classroom watching videos, learning from your textbook and instructor and answering knowledge review questions about dive safety and theory before sitting a final exam.

You will also learn all about the equipment and how to correctly assemble it yourself and afterwards go on to make five training dives in shallow water in a swimming pool like environment and four open ocean training dives where you will hopefully have the chance to see some amazing marine life.
Minimum = 1

Price = $430 includes equipment rental, lunch and certification Card
(If any days of the Course are conducted in Coiba National Park there is an additional cost of $20 a day entrance fee required)

(Group Discounts Available)


PADI Advanced Open Water
To complete the PADI Advanced Course you must first already hold the PADI Open Water Certification,
this is a two-day course and includes five or six dives. At the end of the course you will be certified to 30m/100ft and
each dive will involve a different activity and training exercise.

Two of which are compulsory to achieve the PADI Advanced certification those are Navigation and Deep dive. The other three you can choose between

Turtle Conservation Dive
Shark Conservation Dive
Whaleshark Conservation Dive

Underwater Naturalist Dive
Fish Identification Dive 
Peak Performance Dive
Drift Diver
Search and Recovery Dive

Minimum People =1
 $430 for 5 dive course includes equipment rental, lunch and Certification card
 $455 for 6 dive course includes equipment rental, lunch and Certification card

(Group Discounts Available)


Deep Dive Speciality Course
This two-day Course takes you to the depth limits of Recreational Diving and participants must hold the PADI Advanced Certification to begin.  Afterwards you will be certified to dive to a depth of 40m/120ft.

The course includes a classroom session where you will discuss the benefits of deeper diving and the risks associated with it, such as the onset of Nitrogen Narcosis.

You will make between 4 dives reaching depths between 25m and 40m, during these dives you will perform exercises such as Navigation, and recording the differences in colour and light at depth.

You will also simulate an 8-minute Decompression stop and practising breathing of an emergency air source.
Hopefully you will also get to see some of the other things down there that shallower divers and snorkelers never get to see.

 $325 + $20 park entrance fee per day if course conducted in Coiba.
Course includes equipment rental, lunch and Certification card.
Nitrox Course

This is a one-day course and includes a classroom session and two dives on Nitrox with an Instructor.
After this Course you will be a PADI NITROX DIVER certified to dive on up to 40% Oxygen.
 $185 + $20 park entrance fee per day if course conducted in Coiba. 
Course includes equipment rental, lunch and Certification card.

To Book Any of the above us just email us at
or a whatsapp
(507) 6500 9347
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