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Coiba Diving Day Trips

To reach Coiba National Park from Gobernadora or Santa Catalina The journey time is a minimum of one hour in a speed boat and this depends on calm conditions.


The journey is well worth it though as the abundance of fish in Coiba is hard to beat on a day trip boat anywhere else in the world.

What you can see varies on the time of year but during the year we see Whalesharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Bulls Sharks, Black tip Sharks, White tip Sharks , Silky Sharks, Galapagos Sharks and more.


Manta Rays, Devil Rays, Golden Rays, Short and long tailed Mobula Rays, Eagle rays, Bull's-eye Rays, Round rays, Whip Rays, Stingrays, Peruvian Torpedo Rays and more..


We hear and occasionally see Humpback Whales underwater, during the Months when they migrate from Antarctica.

Resident Pods of Spotted and Bottle nosed dolphins are normally spotted going to and from the park.

Orcas have been sighted and also Fin, Brydes, Sei, Pilot, False Killer whales and more.


For the Nudibranch lovers this is not really the place for you, although there at least 10 species to be found.


Coiba is about Big stuff. Big Schools of Fish and Big Fish and Mammals.


The Diving can be Extremely Advanced or like a swimming pool depending on what you want.

Depending on your Certification Level and number of Dives we will take you to the places best suited to you.

With over a decade diving in Coiba we know where to go and when.

Day Trips
Two tanks in Coiba
$125 + $15 Equipment Rental  +($20 Park fee)
Three tanks in Coiba
$150 + $15 equipment rental +($20 Park Fee)
*Lunch is included on all day trips except local diving

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