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Turtle Conservation Course

There are 7 species of Turtle in the world and 5 of them can be found in Panama. All of them are threatened with Extinction. This is due to a number of causes such as Coastal Development, Poaching of eggs by locals in the area, bycatch of industrial Fisheries and the huge problem of plastic pollution in our oceans.

This course teaches you how to identify the different species of turtles and why they are so important in our oceans.



 You will also learn more about what the threats are to their survival and what you can do to help save these ancient species.

Image by Eric Cheng

This is a one day course that can be conducted either Snorkelling or diving (for certified Divers).

At the end of the course Divers will receive the PADI Sea Turtle Awareness Distinctive Specialty certfication card and Snorkelers will receive the Project AWARE Certificate of Recognition.

Diver price = $180 + $20 Park fee (2 person Minimum)

Snorkeler =$90 + $20 Park fee (4 person Minimum)

Whale Shark Conservation Course
The Whale shark is the largest Fish in the sea and feeds on almost exclusively on Plankton, it has been recorded as being longer then 12m in length and weighing more then 40 tons.
Sadly this Incredible and harmless creature that has been around since the dinosaurs will not survive without our help and is already listed as endangered species with surviving numbers unknown. In and around Coiba National Park however the Whale Sharks are often sighted feeding in the plankton rich waters.
Some times of the year it seems are better then others for sightings and with all Marine Life and certainly Endangered Species there is no guarantee of finding these secretive creatures… but we certainly know where to look.
The purpose of the Whale Shark Awareness Specialty course is to introduce whale sharks – including their biology, behaviour and distribution.
To provide information on whale shark research, monitoring activities and worldwide conservation status, to provide the opportunity to participate in whale shark conservation through the International Whale Shark Project.
 We also aim to teach participants how to identify individual sharks through their distinct markings and to prepare participants to passively interact with whale sharks and to dispel negative myths about sharks in general and whale sharks in particular.
Divers are issued with the PADI Whale Shark Awareness Distinctive Speciality certification card upon successful completion of the course.
Snorkelers will receive a Project AWARE Certificate of Recognition
Diver price = $180 + $20 Park fee
Snorkeler =$90 + $20 Park fee ( 4 Minimum)

Shark Conservation Course

Sharks around the world are in real trouble with more then 90% of some species being killed in the last 30 years as a result of Shark Fin soup becoming popular once again in Asian Countries and also the large amount of Sharks killed as by-catch by unsustainable fishing practises by commercial fisheries such as the Tuna Industry who discard up to 80% of their catch dead into the sea.

This course looks at the many threats facing Sharks and why they are struggling to survive now despite swimming in our Oceans since the time of the dinosaurs. You learn what you can do to help save them from extinction as well as learning about the different species in the surrounding area.

Marine Conservation Course

This is a one day course that can be conducted with either Snorkelling or diving (for certified Divers).

Divers are issued a PADI certification for AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Distinctive Specialty


upon successful completion of the course and Snorkelers will receive a Project AWARE Shark Conservation Program Participation Certificate.

Diver price = $180 + $20 Park fee

Snorkeler =$90 + $20 Park fee (3 Minimum)

(10% Discount on groups of 5 and above)

Image Credit : Charlotte Banks

 This is a three day course that combines the Shark and Turtle Course along with also learning more about Whalesharks, Rays, Dolphins and the many other marine species that live in the surrounding waters.
As we have stated above, snorkelling or diving during this course will depend on the time of year, and a little luck of course, as the ocean is no Aquarium….these animals are free.
This course requires a minimum of three people and involves three dives or snorkels a day and groups stay inside Coiba National Park for two nights at the Ranger Station or return to Santa Catalina each night depending on preference.
Diver price on Coiba = $720
(minimum 2 people)
Diver price returning Santa Catalina =$600
(minimum 2 people)
Snorkeler in Coiba = $500
(minimum 4 people)
Snorkeler price returning to Santa Catalina = $330
(minimum 4 people)

For more information or to book, please click below:

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